Ecuador Melania Cueva Natural

Ecuador Melania Cueva Natural

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Our first offering from the southern region of Loja Ecuador, this crisp, naturally processed coffee comes to us from Producer Melania Cueva. The natural fermentation brings out a fruity profile while remaining balance in its acidity and overall body. In the cup we taste a rich cabernet sauvignon, a honeycrisp-like acidity, and a lingering sweetness of black cherry.

About Melania Cueva

Finca Los Girasoles is located in Gonzanamá, Loja, Ecuador and is run by Melania Cueva. The farm sits at an elevation of approximately 1,750 meters and consists of 2 hectares that roughly 6,600 coffee trees (Typica Mejorado) call home. The idea to grow coffee took root as a family project in 2014, with the hope to produce high-quality, organic specialty coffee through sustainable practice, as well as bolster work opportunities for women in their community. As such, all aspects of the production chain are handled by local women. Gonzanamá is a warm, tropic region where temperatures range between 16º to 25º Celsius all calendar year. During the harvest season, cherries are carefully selected and hand-picked, with critical effort spent in finding the deep, mature reds of perfectly ripe cherry skins. At the wet-mill, cherries are sorted and either prepared for a honey-style fermentation or a full natural processing. The final product is a cup that honors both the natural terroir of southern Ecuador and the many hands that helped towards its harvest.



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