Ethiopia Shantawene

Ethiopia Shantawene

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We are proud to offer this stunning washed lot from our partners at Catalyst Trade. Grown at the base of Bombe Mountain in Bensa, Sidama, this lot joins the many coffees of the region known for their remarkable sweetness. This variety surprised us with its delicate floral aromatics and uniquely spiced finish. In the cup we taste Fresh Jasmine, Bergamot Orange and a decadent undertone of Lemon Custard.

About Shantawene

Shantawene village is tucked between the village of Bombe and the mountains beyond. Coffee producers are sprinkled throughout the range, and the region’s coffee is run to the Abore Washing Station for post-harvest processing. The resulting exports vary widely in cup profiles, but all retain a concentrated sweetness and clear fruit notes. Though Shantawene used to be the catch-all title for any coffee processed in the region, the name actually represented offerings from neighboring villages as well—namely Bombe and Keramo. And the rising quality raised all partners working in the mountain range; today the unique qualities of each villages’ farms are respected and sought after.

About the Variety

Dega and Wolisho are regional landrace varieties, both owing their namesakes to indigenous trees of the area. The wood of the Dega tree omits a sweet, fragrant aroma when burned–uncannily similar to the scent of coffee roasting. An Amharic word, “dega” roughly translates to “cool highland area”–a description also relevant to the agro-ecological conditions where Dega coffee grows. 

The Wolisho tree is native to Gedeo and the surrounding area. This tree bears large fruit, but annual yield can be inconsistent, making any harvest when Wolisho cherries carry their true flavor a truly special occasion. For learning more about Ethiopian varieties and how they came to be, we recommend checking out A Reference Guide to Ethiopian Coffee Varieties. 


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