Kenya Gathaithi PB

Kenya Gathaithi PB

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Our first coffee from the Gathaithi Factory in Nyeri! The crops of the region consistently produce cups with rich, syrupy flavors. In our cup we taste plum sugar, a light cherry sweetness and bright green grape.

About Gathaithi Factory

The Nyeri area’s coffee crop is famous for its rich, flavor-dense cup profiles. Gathaithi is the name of the local Farmers Cooperative Society, as well as the washing station where this coffee was first processed. Competition is fierce in Nyeri, and many farmers affiliated with the Cooperative are surrounded by several stations they can choose from in processing their harvests. Kenya’s coffee industry retains a traditional auction system, offering greater compensation for coffees that score well in quality tastings. Effective cooperation is thus imperative, and the need for reciprocal trust between farmer and producer explains the Society’s current membership of over 1,100 local members.




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