Burundi Gitwe

Burundi Gitwe

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We are pleased to present this washed Burundi origin from our partners at Long Miles Coffee. The coffee is made up of three different "day lots”, combining the harvest of three separate day’s worth of cherry pickings for a complex host of flavors, all while retaining the cohesive profiles of a single-origin crop. In the cup, we taste notes of brown sugar, roasted oolong, and lemon verbena.

It’s a limited batch, so it's going to go quick!

About Long Miles Coffee

Ben and Kristy Carlson moved to Burundi in 2011 and found both injustice and poor farming practices permeating the country’s newly-privatized coffee industry. Seeing roasters around the world have a difficult time sourcing consistently great coffees from Burundi, the couple sought a way to contribute to the growing infrastructure of the local community and create bridges to the international market of coffee-lovers. And so, in an effort to see positive change in both farmers’ and roasters’ lives, Long Miles Coffee was born. 

About Gitwe

Gitwe stretches from the Heza Washing Station all the way to the main road that runs through the northern province of Kayanza. Near all hours, the hill bustles with the activity of village life. People run alongside cars with baskets full to the brim with onions and potatoes to sell. Carpenters craft planks of wood into tables in the small town’s center. Fig trees stand tall on either side of the crest and cast welcome shade in small pockets beneath the hot East African sun. An assortment of onions, sweet potatoes, maize, bananas, cassava, beans, and cabbages are grown alongside coffee in the area's rich soil. The Long Miles Coffee Farm can be found on one of Gitwe’s slopes, just above the Heza Washing Station. Their 7,055 coffee trees grow there, alongside their neighbors.


Importer: Long Miles Coffee / Osito

Relationship: 3 years

Price: $5.30/lb

C market Price: $1.57

Fair-trade minimum: $1.60

Shipping cost: .30/lb

Amount Purchased:  264 lbs