Guatemala Felipe Martinez

Guatemala Felipe Martinez

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A fresh harvest from Felipe Martinez and his family in Huehuetenango, this bright new Guatemalan origin is spiked orange autumn ease in a cup. Hints of Milk Chocolate frame Almond and Apple in the main body and a warm Baking Spice tone rounds out the finish. After all our fine tunings of this lot in the Roastery, we are incredibly excited to bring this coffee to you as the perfect end of year pairing.

About Los Arroyos

Los Arroyos farm can be found in the rugged terrain of the La Libertad region of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The 50 hectares of sloping fields require careful cultivation and logistics, with an altitude range spanning 1,400-1,800 meters above sea level. Felipe Venenciano Martinez Lopez and his three sons operate the farm and oversee their production of Caturra, Catuai, and Pache varieties. The farm's four wetmills act as satellites for the central mill and drying patio. Coffee is pulped and fermented before being moved down the slopes for drying. Using the satellites has two main benefits: the cooler temperature and higher initial elevation creates a longer fermentation window, bringing richer complexity to the final flavors, and the crop is much easier to move down-field for drying when fermentation is completed. A large drying patio brings the cherries into their final state, ready to be roasted and sipped on after export.



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