Kenya Othaya Chinga

Kenya Othaya Chinga

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Kenya Othaya Chinga is a 2022 Good Food Finalist!

We are very excited about this fresh and juicy Kenyan offering from the Othaya Cooperative Society and partners at Long Miles Coffee. In the cup we find a dark fruit note resembling black currant and a creamy body that reminds us of creme bruleeall while offering a zingy citrus acidity of fresh tangerine. The coffee is sweet and complex, highlighting just one of the many incredible coffees coming out of Nyeri.


About Long Miles Coffee

Ben and Kristy Carlson moved to Burundi in 2011 and saw that both injustice and poor farming practices permeated the country’s newly privatized coffee industry. They also saw roasters around the world having a difficult time getting consistently great coffees from Burundi. In an effort to see positive change in both farmers’ and roasters’ lives, Long Miles Coffee was born. Fast forward to today and Long Miles has put Burundi coffee on the map while also expanding their efforts into Kenya. During this year’s coffee season (which has seen low harvests for coffee growers around the country), they collected and processed a small volume of cherries from thirty partner coffee farmers living around Thunguri Coffee Factory, modelling the production process of their micro-lots in Burundi. While the inaugural harvest season in Kenya may seem low, building trust within a new community takes time, and Long Miles is committed to listening, learning from, and getting to know the communities of coffee farming families in the region.

About Othaya Chinga

The Othaya Cooperative Society is located on the southeastern slopes of the Aberdares mountain range in Nyeri County, Kenya and has 782 members. Farmers deliver their harvested cherries to the nearby wet mill for processing. The Chinga Factory (said wet mill in question) was founded in 1960, and cooperative members generally cultivate around 250 coffee trees on half-acre plots, all intercropped with Bananas, Grevillea, and Macadamia trees.


Importer: Long Miles Coffee / Osito

Relationship: 3 years

Price: $5.45/lb

C market Price: $1.57

Fair-trade minimum: $1.60

Shipping cost: .30/lb

Amount Purchased:  793.6 lbs