Timemore C2 Coffee Grinder

Timemore C2 Coffee Grinder

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This hand grinder is for those who want a well-built grinder but maybe don't have the budget to stretch to a fancier model or electric burr grinder. The main problem we run into with most manual grinders on the market is the price/quality ratio. Most are either too cheap to work well at all, and tend to break within a year of first useor they are ridiculously expensive for a reasonable coffee drinker who just wants to go camping or enjoy the manual feel of grinding their beans.

Now enter the Timemore C2. It's reliable, grinds fast, is easy to grip with a textured outside, and feels satisfyingly weighty in your hands. For the price, it's tough to find an argument against it.

Perfect for Aeropress, Pour Over, and your next camping trip.


Capacity 25g beans

  • Grinds approx 1g / second

  • CNC Stainless steel burrs

  • Aluminum casing with durable plastic inside

  • Dual bearings to ensure you retain consistent grind size

  • Point to point coarseness adjustment

  • Size 14.7cm x 5cm - with handle 16cm

  • Carrying case

  • Cleaning brush