Biography Series

role                       Photographer, Social Media Manager
region                  Minneapolis, Holland
sun                        Scorpio
moon                   Capricorn
rising                   Taurus
tasting notes     Yuzu, Key Lime, Cinnamon

in conversation

How did you get connected with the team?

I first started working with Jared and Johan when they reached out to the local University I was attending at the time. Actually, I used to come into the shop pretty often back then, and so we already had that connection going. They were looking for somebody interested in partnering with them to develop a small, internship-sort-or-thing with them—they wanted their coffee shop to create a space to pay a creative to just do the work they were passionate about and hoping to do in the future. And so it made a lot of sense for me to be the one to take up the project, since I was already semi-familiar with their vision for the shop.

So it was a collaborative project?

That was the plan, at least. *laughs*

What actually ended up happening was even more freedom for me than I expected. They didn’t really know anything at all about photos themselves, but somebody else was running their socials and generally doing a nice job. I think they wanted to give me the reigns because they saw that I could really specialize and focus on the photography side of the business, while also being really close to the actual action of the shop. You know, since I was getting caffeine there all the time anyway. 

And, weren’t you roped into a barista position at some point too?

Yes! It was my first gig in coffee behind a bar, too.

What has it been like to watch things change over time at the shop and online?

We make decisions pretty slowly, so a lot has stayed the same, funnily enough. Back in the day we were mostly doing pour-overs and simple espresso drinks in the cafe. In that sense, it’s been cool to see how many different sorts of drinks we’ve developed and learned. And the team has changed a lot, so watching each person bring new things to the team has been really interesting to see happen in real time.

Do you have more photography hopes in the future, outside of the coffee scene?

I’d love to get more into concert photography and some lifestyle stuff at some point! I have some really incredible friends in the local music scene that have made attending shows such a fun pastime in the last few years. Moving into that sphere sometime feels like a natural fit, and I’m beginning to shoot more film format as well! I’m really happy to be shooting more and more—as much as I love the coffee scene, I hope it’s just the beginning for those opportunities!

top five       Gaussian Blur
                      Depot Tavern Sriracha V brat 
                      Brewster マスタ
                      Kodak Portra 400

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We started Wesley Andrews with a hope to make a place people could slow down in. Now we find ourselves helping others fill their spaces with intentional coffee and teas. We work with partners at every level, and have expertise in areas from sourcing and fulfillment to training and consulting.

- Custom Sourcing and Blends
- Flavor Profiling and Menu Bulding
- Quality Control and Best Practices
- Repair and Maintenance, with a hands-free program for nearby shops
- Direct Sourced Teas
- Equipment and brew goods
- Full Shop Buildout Consultations

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