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We started Wesley Andrews with a hope to contribute small moments of beauty into the everyday. We yearned for a place where slow time might reclaim an essential place in our relationships.

At the onset, none of us had the faintest clue what avenue such an endeavor would take us down—and brewing tea and coffee for others certainly wasn't our first guess. But in the day-to-day of our own lives, we noticed ourselves being pulled into the spaces where people were making things they really cared about—they were breweries and bars and bookshops and boring old backyards, sometimes. Before a table where someone had taken to brewing a ceremonial cup of tea, or perched lakeside with pipes of hand-picked herbs: all these carefully made things begged us to sit down, breathe the air, and let go of our will to rush, if only for a while.

It seemed only fair, then, to craft conversations that did honor to the things our hosts had made for us. And somehow, time and time again, almost by accident, those thoughtful connections between people began to take shape. Heartfelt moments made themselves around quality cups of coffee. Profound fits of laughter would burst from hours of sitting around a steeping teapot, like we were children once more discovering something new and fresh of the world. And the best part—it seemed to happen with long-time friends and day-of strangers alike—whoever had happened to sit just a little longer, to sip on something, and watch the time pass.

And so we've been led here: to the winding journey of roasting and brewing. The process is collaborative, as it must be. Along the way, we've met remarkable people—in Minneapolis roasteries, amidst the tea-fields of Yunnan Province, across the bartop of our little cafe. Our wish to do honor begins with them, and so we take especial care of the beans and leaves that we source and handle. Without the hard effort of many hands, none of this would be possible at all, and that is truly something worth cherishing.

We owe so much to others; we hope our offerings exemplify the heart and soul that naturally result from pooling personalities and working with one another.

Our coffee selections are harvested in direct partnership with upstanding farmers and co-ops who live by the same convictions we strive toward, and our tea crop is sourced from friends in China who have taught us most everything we know. Here in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis, we do our best in bringing out the beauty of these simple drinks. In doing so, our hope is for the same slowness of life—the same beauty of personal connection—to spring from each cup. Then perhaps, we will have done our part in giving back a new place to those seeking peace and respite.

Hope to meet you there.

We started Wesley Andrews with a hope to make a place people could slow down in. Now we find ourselves helping others fill their spaces with intentional coffee and teas. We work with partners at every level, and have expertise in areas from sourcing and fulfillment to training and consulting.

- Custom Sourcing and Blends
- Flavor Profiling and Menu Bulding
- Quality Control and Best Practices
- Repair and Maintenance, with a hands-free program for nearby shops
- Direct Sourced Teas
- Equipment and brew goods
- Full Shop Buildout Consultations

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