Nur-D's One Shot

How To Play 


1. Make sure you have some One-Shot coffee from Wesley Andrews. If you don't have at least one cup amongst you, the party automatically loses the game. 

(Sorry not sorry.)


2. Now that you have your drinks, each player will pick a character. Characters cannot be picked twice in a single game.

(Unless you send $30 to $nurdrocks on Cashapp—then you may do whatever you want.)


3. Make sure you have the Starbrux sheet accessible—you’ll need it throughout the entirety of the game. 


4. Health Point (HP) totals are displayed in the bottom left corner of each character sheet. These numbers indicate how much damage your character can receive before they are taken out of the battle. 

On the right side of each card is a list of numbers from 1 to 6—these determine what actions each individual character can perform on their turn. 


5. Decide who goes first by whatever method you find the funniest—make a simple contest of it.


6. Each player will begin their turn by rolling a regular six-sided die (d6). Take the number you roll on the dice and check your character sheet. Each character has actions corresponding to the unique numbers of the die. Whatever action you roll is what your character does in their turn. 

(See? Easy peazy people.)


7. After all players have taken their turn, have somebody roll twice for the evil dragon, Starbrux. Same method of action—the d6 determines Starbrux’s action for that round. Take turns rolling for Starbrux. The player rolling for the dragon must make at least one dragon noise per dice roll. 


(Them's the rules) 


8. After Starbrux has their turn, the round begins again. From here on in, you can choose the sequence of player turns, or just continue using the original order. It’s all up to you.



9. The game is over when one of two outcomes occur:

A. The Heroes perish if all characters in the party have their HP reduced to zero—the evil dragon Starbrux will have then succeeded in franchising the land, and the game is over. 

B. The Heroes win the game and bring the delicious, land restoring coffee back to the people if they succeed in either reducing the evil dragon Starbrux’s HP to zero, or managing to steal all of the coffee from his clutches during the fight.  

(But again, if you cashapp $nurdrocks $400, you win automatically, no questions asked. So if you want to do that, I will not stop you lol.)


There you have it. Caffeinate and let the quest begin.

- Nur-D

We started Wesley Andrews with a hope to make a place people could slow down in. Now we find ourselves helping others fill their spaces with intentional coffee and teas. We work with partners at every level, and have expertise in areas from sourcing and fulfillment to training and consulting.

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