Yunnan, China Po Zhan Mountain Natural

Yunnan, China Po Zhan Mountain Natural

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A brand new naturally processed coffee from China, this cup has a gentle and silky texture that’s perfect for springtime and good weather. We love it on drip and on pour over, but its delicate balance will complement any brewing style and any team.

About Torch Coffee

Torch Pu’er met Lao Dong of White Horse Estate in 2013, who at that time was
selling a large bean variety to major commercial chains. After some convincing,
he agreed to convert part of his farm to the smaller catimor bean and allowed
Torch to conduct a wide array of low water processing techniques. This work
would become known as the "Mountain Man Project"

From those first year results the team discovered mechanical dryers could be
used to solve the challenges of drying high altitude Yunnan coffees in a very
cool climate, which had a tendency to create defects based on excessive water
activity in a prolonged drying stage. In his first year, Lao Dong was able to sell
his new lot at 50% higher price and had broken into the Yunnan specialty


Importer: Torch Coffee

Relationship: 3 years

Price: $5.22/lb

C market Price: $1.83

Fair-trade minimum: $1.60

Shipping cost: .10/lb

Amount purchased: 528 lbs