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Monthly Coffee Subscription

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Our monthly coffee subscription brings carefully selected, freshly roasted single origin coffees right to your doorstep. You’ll be the first to try new releases, subscriber only exclusives, and accompanied brew guides.

Coffees rotate monthly. You may build your own subscription by selecting up to five 250g bags. And if you order more than one coffee, we'll provide a range of different beans depending on availability.

Subscriptions ship on the first Wednesday of every month!

You can choose to modify, pause or cancel your subscription anytime.

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Next Shipment: June 1st

Resting your coffee

Fresher isn't always better, oddly enough. After roasting, the coffee has built up several gases (mostly Carbon Dioxide) inside the seed, due to the chemical reactions that occur in the processing and roasting stages of development. "Degassing" is the term used to describe the release of CO2 out of the roasted coffee. This happens slow and steady while your coffee is stored in the bag, and then begins to happen rapidly after a bag has been opened and exposed to oxygen. Grinding the beans increases the rate of degassing even more—that's why you'll often hear baristas of all kind recommend grinding at home, if possible.

We find that coffee beans used for filter coffee taste clearest about 7 days after roasting, while beans intended for espresso taste best about 14 days after the initial roast date.

Water for brewing

Coffee is 98% water, so we try to pay attention to the type of water we are using in our brews to get the best out of every cup. We recommend using fresh spring water as opposed to most tap waters, if available. This will ensure you tasting the coffee for what it is and not any off flavors, but don't worry if a sink faucet is all you've got—you'll still be able to brew something delicious, with the right time and care.

If you really want to level up and get the perfect water for your coffee every time, we recommend trying Third Wave Water.